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Roof Snow Removal Tool 2017-2018

Fits on almost any style of pole!
Introducing the Snow Cut N Slide roof snow removal system. This handy device is designed to work with the most popular window cleaning extension poles, painter poles and several other roof rake poles on the market allowing you to remove snow off your roof, safely from the ground. Much faster than a snow roof rake. An easy way to prevent ice dams!!

Snow Cut N Slide Options

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Snow Cut N Slide - Standalone Version

The Snow Cut N Slide is a tool for removing large amounts of snow off your roof to prevent structural damage from heavy snow buildup and ice dams. The new redesigned edition easily fits on the end of common window cleaning poles, painter poles and other roof rake poles. Comes with 2 different sized pole clamps and optional ring clamps for secure connection.

Not intended to cut through ice or frozen snow.

Buy Snow Cut N Slide US & Canada at:
The Window Cleaning Store

Snow cut n slide 18ft

cut n slide 24ft pole

snow rake with 30ft pole

Snow Cut N Slide - With Pole Packages Available

• 18ft Unger Optiloc pole + Snow Cut N Slide.

• 24ft Unger Teleplus + Snow Cut N Slide.

• 30ft Unger Teleplus pole + Snow Cut N Slide.

Included pole can double as a window cleaning pole in the spring, summer and fall.

Buy Snow Cut N Slide US & Canada at:
The Window Cleaning Store

The Snow Cut N Slide© is available in Canada at
The Window Cleaning Store. 1805 Wilson Ave Unit 107 North York, On M9M1A2 416-748-9393
and online at

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